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      2019 ANNUAL REVIEW

      Every day, with safety and efficiency always in mind, we deliver on our commitments to our customers, our communities and our country.

      Read A Message from Carl Ice

      Our approach to safety is built on the personal responsibility every BNSF team member brings for themselves, their colleagues, communities and our customers' freight.

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      From expanding facilities to offering new services to collaborating on unique solutions, our focus at BNSF is always on finding ways to serve our customers reliably and consistently.

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      At BNSF, we consistently invest in our network to enhance its efficiency, and we continuously look for ways to control costs and increase the value our railway delivers.

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      BNSF is committed to working closely with our customers and our communities to respect our environment and become an ever more sustainable enterprise.

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      BNSF believes in the potential of each of our more than 40,000 employees, valuing their diversity, strengthening their skills and advancing their careers.

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      Through the BNSF Railway Foundation and the generosity of our employees, BNSF is proud to contribute to the well-being of the communities where we live and work.

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