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      Public Projects

      Welcome! BNSF’s Public Projects team is the point of contact for the communities we serve when they desire to deliver infrastructure projects that cross, intersect, or parallel BNSF’s network in some way.

      Documents you’ll need

      The BNSF Railway Public Projects Manual is a how-to guide for working with BNSF on these projects. It provides guidance on project delivery and expectations from BNSF’s perspective. This manual is not an exhaustive list of every type of project or scenario, but it provides a common starting point as we engage to deliver projects.

      If you are looking for permits, leases or easements for any of the items listed below, please direct your inquiry to the Permits/Real Estate link under the BNSF FAQ page as those requests go through our consultant Jones Lang LaSalle rather than BNSF Public Projects.

      • Utilities
      • Private road crossings
      • Roadway surfacing
      • Survey
      • Environmental study

      Appendix A

      Grade Crossing Agreement

      Overpass Agreement

      Underpass Agreement

      Appendix B

      Contractor Requirements (Exhibit C)

      Contractor Right-of-Entry Agreement (Exhibit C-1)

      Appendix C

      Utility Accommodation Policy

      Appendix D

      Demolition Guidelines

      Shoring Guidelines

      UPRR – BNSF Joint Guidelines for Railroad Grade Separation Projects

      Appendix E

      BNSF Review Comment Sheet Example

      Public Projects Team

      BNSF’s Public Project managers are available to assist and provide guidance on how to work alongside BNSF. They are ready to work with you.