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      Inspection and Detection

      To help ensure the safety of our track and bridges, most of our key routes are inspected at least four times a week, which is twice the frequency required by the FRA. Our busiest mainline routes are inspected daily. In addition, our sophisticated inspection vehicles use lasers to precisely measure track geometry and ultrasound to inspect rails for internal defects. Three vehicles also test track strength on branch lines, sidings and yards.

      BNSF's extensive network of wayside detectors measures conditions of each passing freight car, so that we can identify undue stresses on the wheels or other equipment and prevent potential equipment failures.

      Our Network Operations Center in Fort Worth is linked to WeatherData Services, Inc., to obtain advance warnings of adverse weather that might affect our rail operations. The center also has a direct link to the California Institute of Technology for real-time updates about earthquake activity to help us ensure the safety of our operation and employees.