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      Industry Leading Rail Safety

      As one of the largest rail transportation companies in the U.S., we at BNSF understand that we have a responsibility to do everything we can to operate safely.

      Our vision is to operate injury- and accident-free, and we work each day to make that vision a reality through our extensive safety programs, training and technology.

      Here's a look at the industry-leading steps we’re taking to advance safety in rail transportation of all shipments.


      At BNSF, our vision is to operate free of accidents and injuries prevention through training, technology and an empowered workforce.

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      We continue to voluntarily adopt higher standards than required by law to safely move crude by rail and other hazardous materials.

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      While we focus on reducing the likelihood of an accident, we make sure we are ready to respond if needed. We train local first responders and have 260 people positioned with specialized equipment at more than 70 locations across our network.

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      Safety by the Numbers


      Percentage of crude oil rail shipments without incident.


      Number of first responders trained by BNSF from 2009-2019.

      0 Million

      Number of messages generated daily by BNSF's network of more than 4,000 trackside detectors that use a variety of technologies to detect defects before they create an issue.