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      Safety and Technical Training

      BNSF has made a significant investment in safety and technical training for employees. We use a combination of field training, on-the-job training and distance learning to create and sustain our professional workforce.

      Our technical training is centralized at the Technical Training Center (TTC) where we conduct a large portion of our courses. Located at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, the center features simulations and lab equipment representing all major equipment types, including locomotive simulators, power-operated switches, grade-crossing simulators, radio and transmission networks, crane, and freight car and locomotive air brakes. Instructors teach over 4,500 employees each year at the TTC and prepare field trainers to train employees at their work locations. This training facility is widely recognized as the best in the industry.

      Our field training program includes mobile field trainers, instructors and maintenance-of-way field instructors.These facilitators trained about 30,000 employees in 2019 through on-site new-hire classes, rule reviews and re-certification training.

      Our network of 70 locomotive simulators, based both at the TTC and in the field, provides distance-learning opportunities where employees work. The simulations can be customized to reflect various train types, weather, terrain and times of day.