Scheduled Retirees | BNSF

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      Scheduled Retirees

      Retirees from BNSF continue to be an important part of the company's culture and history.

      Retirees who need assistance with retirement annuity benefits will work directly with the Railroad Retirement Board.

      Retirees can find all their benefit information and forms at Your Track To Health.

      For questions about other retirement benefits, please refer to the contact list.

      Contact Us

      Health Insurance
      United Healthcare
      (Vendor and Plan administrator)
      Tel: 800-842-5252 or
      Fax: 248-733-6080
      Express Scripts
      (Prescription Coverage)
      Tel: 800-842-0070
      Metropolitan Life Insurance Tel: 800-310-7770, Option 1
      Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
      BNSF EAP Tel: 800-383-2327
      Other useful numbers
      BNSF Benefits Helpline Tel: 817-352-1258 or
      BNSF Payroll Hotline Tel: 800-274-6739
      BNSF Personnel Records Tel: 817-352-0900
      Vanguard 401(k) Tel: 800-523-1188, Plan Number 092106
      Amtrak Passes
      (If eligible)
      Tel: 817-352-4983
      Railroad Retirement Board Tel: 877-772-5772