Consumer Products | BNSF

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      Consumer Products

      With the largest, fastest intermodal network in the United States, we are the ideal railroad partner for moving your consumer products wherever they need to go. Our network of strategically located intermodal hubs can offer you the right solution for your supply chain needs.

      Automotive Products

      Whether it is moving parts from abroad or finished vehicles manufactured in the U.S. to dealerships around the country, companies looking ahead turn to BNSF for support.

      Our personalized service, on-time deliveries, logistical support, and damage-free deliveries make this railroad an ideal supply chain partner.

      Food & Beverages

      Moving food and beverages by railroad may seem complicated, but with the right equipment and decades of experience, we are a great partner to get your product where it needs to go.

      Intermodal Shipments

      Your supply chain challenges get tougher every day. But when you have the power of BNSF’s innovation, optionality and capacity behind you, your business goals can be reached again and again.