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      Intermodal Videos & Case Studies

      This Is Intermodal

      See how we help keep America moving forward.

      Logistics Park Chicago Expansion

      See how we continue to expand at facilities like Logistics Park Chicago to maximize efficiency and productivity for our customers.


      Whether you're concerned about rising fuel costs, meeting time sensitive freight deadlines, or simply want a cost-effective, sustainable transportation solution for your company, BNSF can help you reach your goals. And we have a pretty good track record of doing just that:

      Rising fuel prices and driver shortages can't be predicted. But by partnering with BNSF, Pep Boys was prepared to handle both and grow their business at the same time.

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      By utilizing BNSF's intermodal services, UNFI, a leading distributor of natural, organic and specialty products, reduced its carbon footprint by 71%. 

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      Brewers have time- and temperature-sensitive requirements. But Sierra Nevada also has a concern for the environment, so partnering with BNSF was a perfect solution.

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      The effects of rising fuel prices and driver shortages led Michaels to look for transportation solutions other than relying on motor carriers exclusively.

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      Jack in the Box wanted to increase efficiencies and decrease costs in the supply chain, without compromising its high food-safety standards. 

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      The Container Store was skeptical that intermodal could accommodate their delivery windows (+/- 15 minutes) and "live" unloads. Together with a major carrier, BNSF alleviated those concerns.

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      PETCO set a goal to lower its transportation costs, its third-largest expense, so the company decided to realign its outbound transportation network. The result was that, by partnering with BNSF Intermodal, PETCO grew its business by 27% without growing its transportation costs.

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      To adapt to its customers' changing needs, as well continue to grow during a challenging economic environment, Marten recognized that a new model was needed. With BNSF Railway as the rail provider, Marten initiated a more effective, regional-based model that maximized intermodal in its network, resulting in 98% on-time delivery, not to mention, happier drivers.

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