The West Coast Advantage | BNSF

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      The West Coast Advantage

      The West Coast ports continue to be the dominate gateway for import freight, handling more than half of all North American imports. They offer great advantages to shippers importing cargo from Asia to the inland United States, with more capacity than any other North American port complex . Through the West Coast ports of entry, containers move quickly and efficiently to major inland markets―minimizing ocean transit time and supply chain cycle time. BNSF helps you make the most of this shipping solution by working with more West Coast ports than any other railway to provide the capacity and flexibility you need.

      With more than 32,000 miles on our network, BNSF is the largest intermodal railroad and the only railway to offer direct service between the West Coast and Atlanta and the Northwest Ohio Region. Together with our carrier partners, BNSF can help you choose the best route for your imports via one of our many inland hubs. Through our annual investments we continue to increase capacity throughout our network and implement new technologies at our intermodal facilities. Together with the ports and ocean carrier partners, BNSF is driving the West Coast advantage to benefit your supply chain now and in the future.


      The West Coast is the largest trading partner with Asia and the Trans-Pacific trade. Our freight rail network is a crucial connection, providing shippers with access to markets they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.


      BNSF makes a crucial contribution to the U.S. supply chain by connecting ports along the West Coast to our extensive rail network. We partner with ports to find new opportunities for market growth and make strategic capital investments to better serve customers.


      At BNSF, new technologies bring enhanced reliability and consistency to our shipping partners at West Coast ports like Long Beach Container Terminal. By utilizing predictive analytics, we’re able to make sure your cargo gets where it needs to go in an efficient manner.