Rail Development | BNSF

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      Rail Development

      BNSF's Economic Development team serves as a partner who can guide customers through the process of establishing rail service that fits their needs whether that be selecting a new site, expanding an existing location, or evaluating transportation options at one of BNSF’s Logistics Parks, Logistics Centers or Certified Sites.

      Build or Expand a Rail-Served Facility

      You can rely on BNSF’s Economic Development team to help expedite and facilitate the development of your facility. We work closely with companies, communities and consultants to establish transportation and distribution solutions that enhance and improve your supply chain.

      Premier Parks, Sites and Transload Programs

      Whether you want to co-locate your intermodal business at one of our logistics parks, take advantage of direct rail carload service in our multi-customer, multi-commodity logistics centers, locate at one of our certified sites or need a partner to help transload freight, our economic development strategic programs can help meet your needs.

      BNSF Ports

      Our network and relationships provide best-in-class connectivity to a variety of port locations; offering competitive solutions to optimize the supply chain. By joining the land and water transportation networks, we are essential partners connecting you worldwide and coast to coast.

      Contact Us

      Find a BNSF regional manager in your specific territory to talk about your transportation needs.