Diverse Business Enterprise | BNSF

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      Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE)

      We are committed to proactively identify, attract and develop long-term partnerships with certified minority, woman and veteran-owned and small disadvantaged businesses, while fulfilling BNSF Vision and Values.

      To be considered as a potential suppler, click the Supplier Pre-Assessment Request Form Instructions document and follow the instructions to submit or revise a request for your company. The completed form will be reviewed and saved to identify potential suppliers for current and future business needs.

      What's Next?

      A purchasing officer will contact you to request additional information if needed or if there is an opportunity. You may return to the form to submit updates to your profile.

      Submitting a request does not imply a contractual agreement is in place or an obligation for procurement. BNSF will contact you when an opportunity is available. Questions regarding BNSF’s Supplier Diversity Program can be directed to .